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We are based in South Florida with a satellite office in Western North Carolina.  We provide a variety of offsite bookkeeping and accounting services via the Web, email, fax, scanning, and a variety of shipping and mail methods.

We service clients of all types, including home base businesses, C Corps, LLC’s, Sub-Chapter S Corps, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Non-Profits, and Individuals.

Whether you need assistance with your daily bookkeeping work, month end closing and reporting, quarterly reports, or year end closing, we can help.  The level of service we provide depends on the level of our client’s involvement in the daily and monthly financial management of the company.  Our commitment to our clients and the highest level of service is unsurpassed.  We thoroughly enjoy what we do for a living.

You may choose to use all of our bookkeeping/accounting services, or select specific ones to suit your company’s needs.  If you have need of a specific service that is not listed here, please inquire to see if it is available.  We have tried to list the most often requested services, however we are always willing to add services to our list if you have a particular need.  

     QuickBooks Setup - If you are a startup company or need help setting up a QuickBooks system to organize your         accounting and bookkeeping records, we can help.

    Setting up or Modifying the General Ledger and Chart of Accounts - A critical part of the General Ledger must be properly designed to produce information and financial reports to meet management’s needs.  These records constitute the “central books” of your system.  The financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement) are drawn directly from the General ledger.  Your General ledger will have a number of sub ledgers for items such as cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc..  If a subsidiary ledger set up incorrectly, it will no agree with the General Ledger, or it will show balances posted to the wrong account.  The General Ledger creates an internal audit trail of all transactions that occur, and allows you to trace any discrepancies that materialize.