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Sandy Cay Consulting, Inc.


All of our work is performed based on a Consulting and Confidentiality Agreement that is signed by us and our clients.  This “Agreement” provides for the protection of client financial and operating information.  Our clients know that having us provide their bookkeeping and accounting services is far more cost effective and more professionally done than working with in-house employees.

We charge a competitive rate for our services, and deliver an even higher value to our clients.  All of our fees are fully disclosed and part of the “Agreement”, which is signed by all parties prior to starting any work.

We bill by the hour, in quarter hour increments for all work performed.  We typically bill at the completion of each work session, or every two (2) weeks for ongoing jobs that require more extensive work than normal monthly jobs.

New clients receive the initial consultation FREE

The Billing Rates are as follows:




Telephone Charges

Mailing/Shipping Charges

Fax Charges

Min. Fee for Non regular Clients

$60.00 hr

$70.00/$80.00 hr

$  .25 pg

at cost

at cost

$1.00 pg

$75.00 hr